Did you know there were such animals which are known have to survive millions of years on Earth. They are know as Tardigrades, moss piglets or water bears.

These are very small animals that can be seen easily with the help of a microscope. Tardigrades are know to have survive the extinction of dinosaurs.

You might be thinking that there are many animals which survived many extinctions of other animals, but do you know these animals are still living, and they can easily be found in your backyard or in any moss. These animals can survive both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures.

However, the most shocking of all features of tardigrades are that they have a way in which they can revive themselves even after death, this is know as Cryptobiosis. If tardigrades die They can easily be brought back to life by adding just a little bit of the opposite temperature, an experiment was also conducted to see whether Cryptobiosis is true or not, in which a 30 year old dead Tardigrade, was revived by a scientist.

Moreover these little animals can also survive in the Mariana’s trench, the deepest part of the ocean know till now. So remember wherever you go, there are these small little animals who are the little super heroes of earth and have survived many extreme conditions.


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