So i would like to get to the point right away. you are feeling depressed or bored, the best thing you can do in such a moment is get a hobby on your hand, hobbies will help you to keep your mind fit at all times. You can simply draw or color in the morning and read books when you are about to sleep this will play a big role to get a bit of that normalcy back to your life.

The other thing that is essential to do in quarantine is to keep your muscles moving and give daily exercise to your body by doing any physical activity such as push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks and skipping will also help you stay fit aside this if you are a gym freak you can do many things you do at the gym. Exercise is like the cheese on the pizza, well without cheese things dont taste or look good. So keep exercising.

So many of you are following the steps above and are still depressed well the reason to this might be you are not contacting with the creatures of your own species in normal English this means you are not spending time with your loved ones and well its a known fact that a wolf is nothing without its pack so call up or give a ring to your friends and families, ask them how they are doing and a video call is advised for more interaction. And if you are living with your family and you are with your parents then try not to disrespect them, they are also going through a tough time perhaps a time tougher than yours. And i will at last wish to give an advise to the young kids out there, if you are having e – school AKA ONLINE CLASSES then please thank your teachers as they are going through some tough sh** , and they do try their best to keep the class under control but as all teens know that, we have to spam on the chat, and unmute our mic and make lots of successful attempts that totally annoy the teachers, so yeah try to control that because after the COVID-19 there is a good chance that you may get a nice scolding from your teachers.

that is all for this article. Hope and wish you all stay safe during the time of this pandemic and try to avoid to go to any place where there are lots of people and wash your hands at frequent intervals and once again stay safe.☜(゚ヮ゚☜)and hope this article helped you.


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