Diwali, is coming near, which most of us enjoy due to the ambiance, various sweets, the pooja and of course the firecrackers, these firecrackers are one of the first things that come up to our mind on hearing the word ‘Diwali’ , but during this time the COVID-19 virus has infected many people, and for the safety of those Corona Virus patients Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that the sale of firecrackers is banned in Rajasthan, this time its different as last time firecrackers were banned but many people still lit up crackers, so this time is indeed different. Moreover, the person who sells fire crackers will be charged a fine and the people who light crackers will also have to pay a fine, but comparatively low.

However now this question arises, “is the ban on firecrackers justified” , it is done for the well being of the patients and helps the nature stay good as well, so it does help somehow. First I thought that firecrackers are a must for Diwali, but now my views are different as we are still not restricted from celebrating Diwali.

This time Diwali can be less of blowing up crackers and be more of celebrating and spending time with your loved ones, I am not saying that the government has made the wrong move, all I am saying is that firecrackers have caused more harm than good, it is made using child labour, many children die during the making process and during the burning process. The Government should make special places which are well socially distanced, and people can enjoy watching the firecrackers. Moreover at the end of the day we are responsible for this ban, I thought of this years ago, when people used to play with firecrackers past 12:00 and during late hours, this day had to come. If people had only played with them in limit then maybe the government would not have banned the fire crackers.

So we come to the conclusion, of one of the most conflicting topic.

Firecrackers should be there in a very small amount and at specific places in which the crackers are licensed.

I would like to end this by saying that, yes firecrackers were fun to play with, and were one of the main attractions of this festival, but we should get out of this narrow minded thinking that firecrackers = good Diwali, Diwali can be celebrated at an equally good level by simply lighting up a diya and spending time with your family and loved ones, and even calling the people who might not be in a good place in life or be financially struck by this virus, and helping in cheering up their mood.

HAPPY DIWALI (in advance)


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