COVID-19 , the pandemic we are facing today, I bet no one saw it coming, the start of a new decade was accompanied by a pandemic, and then came the lockdown, the masks and a big boost in the soap industry. However, have you noticed this in the terms of before and after and what is going to happen after this pandemic gets over.

Our lives were very different before the Corona Virus, everything seemed to be going just fine, wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, grab the news paper, go to get burgers and just open the doors with our dirty hands. I hope you remember these good times but now, its just wake up in the morning, get the newspaper hoping that the newspaper boy does not have Corona or the newspaper does not contain Corona particles, each time you go outside it’s just a whole new world, people wearing masks, restaurants practicing social distancing and many people are even not allowed to enter without masks, such a big change not only in a single country but in the whole world, and that also in a span of a year.

Do not get me wrong here masks are very important as the virus may travel through sneeze particle and may infect you. The most shocking part of this virus, and the change it has brought is very unique, there is a sudden change in nature ( not necessarily a good change ) , at my place there was a hail storm and trust me where I stay such a hail storm had never come before, this virus has changed the thinking of the human mind through social media as well, people who never even washed their hands with soap are now washing their hands 30 times a day.

We have to understand that all we can take are precautions, eat well, maintain our immunity, and practice breathing exercises. This virus attacks the body parts which are most vulnerable, if a person has heart problems and dies of a heart attack there is a possibility that he had Corona, but was not having much breathing problem instead died of a heart problem due to weakening of the body. During this time one of the most important things is to stay fit, as this virus will come to every house if it stays for long, some will just have a sneeze or two and it will go away, others will have severe symptoms and a very few will pass away. This is not the first time something like this is happening many other pandemics were also there such as The Spanish flu, The Black Death (plague) and the most interesting thing is that during these times also masks were worn in a large scale, so something like this has definitely happened before but has not been talked much about. Remember to tell the next generation about the COVID-19 and maybe take a few pictures of todays world as well.

With that said, all I can wish for, is for you to stay healthy, fit and happy.

Thank you

-Aryaman Verma

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