Are you aware of some of these nasty facts that the commercial and packaged food hide within them.

The most shocking of all facts is that these ingredients are allowed by the FDA also known as the Food and Drug Administration.


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The yummy, soft, and spongy bread that we all love to eat in different forms like burger, pizza base, etc. contains L-Cysteine which is an amino acid, used to prolong shelf-life in bread.

It is found in duck and chicken feathers, even in cow horns, but the main ingredient that is used in bread is human hair, which is usually collected from barber shops in china, for easy manufacture. Moreover, that is why it is suggested that a person should buy bread from a local bakery or make bread at home.


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Yumm!!! The tasty mac and cheese brings with it the flavours of it’s juicy sauce and overall satisfying taste. However, in this tasty dish there are some fragmented facts.

The FDA allows up to 225 insect fragments per 225 grams of macaroni along with 4.5 rodent hairs.


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Peanut butter is not at all different from the dishes above, as it also has it’s own surprises.

The FDA has allowed an average of one or more rodent hairs and 30 insect fragments for every 100 grams.

Chocolate is also not much different as it also has roaches which many people suggest have been added as they provide a high protein diet, which is good. However there is also one reason that is, the chocolates are manufactured at places where there are an uncontrollable amount of cockroaches, which causes them to fall into the chocolate during production and be grinded into small particles.


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the red and thick ketchup is loved by many of us, is also loved by fruit flies as they fly onto the tomatoes and lay their eggs. Therefore, the FDA has allowed upto only 15 eggs of fruit flies. Just to provide you some more information I would also like to say that the FDA allows no more than one or more maggots in ketchup.


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I would like to end with the last topic being Gelatin which is present in gummy bears and many other gummy foods. Gelatin is a protein which is obtained by boiling skin, tendons ( which connects muscle to bone ), ligaments or bones with water.

This is usually obtained from cows or pigs. FDA has until now not specifically approved or denied gelatine but has called it safe to consume as it is not known if Gelatine contains BSE or not ( BSE –Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy – disease that is present in cows and affects their brains and usually kills them) which is also known as Mad Cow Disease.

I hope, you do not shy away from eating this food as it is just not possible to avoid so many food items having so many different ingredients. However, what you can do is that you can try to eat food that is made at your home, and after getting to know about the ingredients in bread I am also going to change my bread provider to a local one.

Thank You

-Aryaman Verma




COVID-19 , the pandemic we are facing today, I bet no one saw it coming, the start of a new decade was accompanied by a pandemic, and then came the lockdown, the masks and a big boost in the soap industry. However, have you noticed this in the terms of before and after and what is going to happen after this pandemic gets over.

Our lives were very different before the Corona Virus, everything seemed to be going just fine, wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, grab the news paper, go to get burgers and just open the doors with our dirty hands. I hope you remember these good times but now, its just wake up in the morning, get the newspaper hoping that the newspaper boy does not have Corona or the newspaper does not contain Corona particles, each time you go outside it’s just a whole new world, people wearing masks, restaurants practicing social distancing and many people are even not allowed to enter without masks, such a big change not only in a single country but in the whole world, and that also in a span of a year.

Do not get me wrong here masks are very important as the virus may travel through sneeze particle and may infect you. The most shocking part of this virus, and the change it has brought is very unique, there is a sudden change in nature ( not necessarily a good change ) , at my place there was a hail storm and trust me where I stay such a hail storm had never come before, this virus has changed the thinking of the human mind through social media as well, people who never even washed their hands with soap are now washing their hands 30 times a day.

We have to understand that all we can take are precautions, eat well, maintain our immunity, and practice breathing exercises. This virus attacks the body parts which are most vulnerable, if a person has heart problems and dies of a heart attack there is a possibility that he had Corona, but was not having much breathing problem instead died of a heart problem due to weakening of the body. During this time one of the most important things is to stay fit, as this virus will come to every house if it stays for long, some will just have a sneeze or two and it will go away, others will have severe symptoms and a very few will pass away. This is not the first time something like this is happening many other pandemics were also there such as The Spanish flu, The Black Death (plague) and the most interesting thing is that during these times also masks were worn in a large scale, so something like this has definitely happened before but has not been talked much about. Remember to tell the next generation about the COVID-19 and maybe take a few pictures of todays world as well.

With that said, all I can wish for, is for you to stay healthy, fit and happy.

Thank you

-Aryaman Verma

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Diwali, is coming near, which most of us enjoy due to the ambiance, various sweets, the pooja and of course the firecrackers, these firecrackers are one of the first things that come up to our mind on hearing the word ‘Diwali’ , but during this time the COVID-19 virus has infected many people, and for the safety of those Corona Virus patients Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that the sale of firecrackers is banned in Rajasthan, this time its different as last time firecrackers were banned but many people still lit up crackers, so this time is indeed different. Moreover, the person who sells fire crackers will be charged a fine and the people who light crackers will also have to pay a fine, but comparatively low.

However now this question arises, “is the ban on firecrackers justified” , it is done for the well being of the patients and helps the nature stay good as well, so it does help somehow. First I thought that firecrackers are a must for Diwali, but now my views are different as we are still not restricted from celebrating Diwali.

This time Diwali can be less of blowing up crackers and be more of celebrating and spending time with your loved ones, I am not saying that the government has made the wrong move, all I am saying is that firecrackers have caused more harm than good, it is made using child labour, many children die during the making process and during the burning process. The Government should make special places which are well socially distanced, and people can enjoy watching the firecrackers. Moreover at the end of the day we are responsible for this ban, I thought of this years ago, when people used to play with firecrackers past 12:00 and during late hours, this day had to come. If people had only played with them in limit then maybe the government would not have banned the fire crackers.

So we come to the conclusion, of one of the most conflicting topic.

Firecrackers should be there in a very small amount and at specific places in which the crackers are licensed.

I would like to end this by saying that, yes firecrackers were fun to play with, and were one of the main attractions of this festival, but we should get out of this narrow minded thinking that firecrackers = good Diwali, Diwali can be celebrated at an equally good level by simply lighting up a diya and spending time with your family and loved ones, and even calling the people who might not be in a good place in life or be financially struck by this virus, and helping in cheering up their mood.

HAPPY DIWALI (in advance)


DOGS are great healers(DOG BLOG)

What are dogs

Dogs are truly one of the best healers. Many people do not like to have a dog at home, as it is a challenging task to handle them and take care of them. If you adopt a dog it is necessary to take care of them, and give them the realization of them being your kid.

Dogs are great healers and one of the most trustworthy and selfless beings in this fast moving world. I have a dog myself, his name is Leo, i remember all the times, anybody in my family is stressed my dog would just come and sit aside them as if he is an angel guarding us, after a few minutes the stressed person would get up and behave like a man who has just gotten a shave and is ready for a new journey ahead. Dogs help us forget the past and live tomorrow as if there was no yesterday, all there is, is a tomorrow that comes bringing new challenges and gifts for all.

How can i tell dogs are good healers

Well its pretty straight forward dogs have special healing abilities they are even able to sense the coming trouble or hardships in our life and inform us about this as soon as possible. With that said dogs, are granted this gift of understanding our emotion or our mood at that time. This was a small incident from today morning(2:00 AM) my dog was sleeping in my parents room and my mom was fast asleep and suddenly my dog started to take out a silent barking noise, my mom woke up and saw it was his damp cold nose that was touching her hand and telling her to wake up and all my mom had to say was ‘please don’t irritate me’ and my dog just rushed and went under the bed this shows dogs can understand the emotion of each thing say, my dog knew that our mother was really tired and that’s why he simply gave her the space she wanted, this was until 5:00 AM the time on which my dog needed to go and do a little morning pee.

And there is this last fact about dogs which is also scientifically proven but i would like to talk about it again, and that is common with big cats, cats and dogs as well, anytime they get hurt all they need to do is lick their wound and as their saliva contains amylase their wound gets cured in a relatively low amount of time. Well, i wonder if this is same with human beings and well after searching my reliable browser google i found out this ability is there in humans as well. So humans and animals both share this feature.(interesting)

MY THEORY (just for fun)

My theory on this case will be dogs really are good healers and i got this info from my dog he was talking to me yesterday and told me

Leo: Hey man, you know dogs are one of the best healers

Me: Oh really, what makes you think so.

and the thing he said next was beyond creativity he seemed to have learnt the ability to crack up a few riddles. he said ‘whats the spelling of dog’ i said its ‘D…O…..G’ he replied, ‘whats the vice-versa’ , i replied ‘G…….O……….D’ he then gave me a long lecture on how dogs are messengers of God, and told me how God is present in everyone.


So i would like to get to the point right away. you are feeling depressed or bored, the best thing you can do in such a moment is get a hobby on your hand, hobbies will help you to keep your mind fit at all times. You can simply draw or color in the morning and read books when you are about to sleep this will play a big role to get a bit of that normalcy back to your life.

The other thing that is essential to do in quarantine is to keep your muscles moving and give daily exercise to your body by doing any physical activity such as push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks and skipping will also help you stay fit aside this if you are a gym freak you can do many things you do at the gym. Exercise is like the cheese on the pizza, well without cheese things dont taste or look good. So keep exercising.

So many of you are following the steps above and are still depressed well the reason to this might be you are not contacting with the creatures of your own species in normal English this means you are not spending time with your loved ones and well its a known fact that a wolf is nothing without its pack so call up or give a ring to your friends and families, ask them how they are doing and a video call is advised for more interaction. And if you are living with your family and you are with your parents then try not to disrespect them, they are also going through a tough time perhaps a time tougher than yours. And i will at last wish to give an advise to the young kids out there, if you are having e – school AKA ONLINE CLASSES then please thank your teachers as they are going through some tough sh** , and they do try their best to keep the class under control but as all teens know that, we have to spam on the chat, and unmute our mic and make lots of successful attempts that totally annoy the teachers, so yeah try to control that because after the COVID-19 there is a good chance that you may get a nice scolding from your teachers.

that is all for this article. Hope and wish you all stay safe during the time of this pandemic and try to avoid to go to any place where there are lots of people and wash your hands at frequent intervals and once again stay safe.☜(゚ヮ゚☜)and hope this article helped you.


Did you know there were such animals which are known have to survive millions of years on Earth. They are know as Tardigrades, moss piglets or water bears.

These are very small animals that can be seen easily with the help of a microscope. Tardigrades are know to have survive the extinction of dinosaurs.

You might be thinking that there are many animals which survived many extinctions of other animals, but do you know these animals are still living, and they can easily be found in your backyard or in any moss. These animals can survive both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures.

However, the most shocking of all features of tardigrades are that they have a way in which they can revive themselves even after death, this is know as Cryptobiosis. If tardigrades die They can easily be brought back to life by adding just a little bit of the opposite temperature, an experiment was also conducted to see whether Cryptobiosis is true or not, in which a 30 year old dead Tardigrade, was revived by a scientist.

Moreover these little animals can also survive in the Mariana’s trench, the deepest part of the ocean know till now. So remember wherever you go, there are these small little animals who are the little super heroes of earth and have survived many extreme conditions.