DOGS are great healers(DOG BLOG)

What are dogs

Dogs are truly one of the best healers. Many people do not like to have a dog at home, as it is a challenging task to handle them and take care of them. If you adopt a dog it is necessary to take care of them, and give them the realization of them being your kid.

Dogs are great healers and one of the most trustworthy and selfless beings in this fast moving world. I have a dog myself, his name is Leo, i remember all the times, anybody in my family is stressed my dog would just come and sit aside them as if he is an angel guarding us, after a few minutes the stressed person would get up and behave like a man who has just gotten a shave and is ready for a new journey ahead. Dogs help us forget the past and live tomorrow as if there was no yesterday, all there is, is a tomorrow that comes bringing new challenges and gifts for all.

How can i tell dogs are good healers

Well its pretty straight forward dogs have special healing abilities they are even able to sense the coming trouble or hardships in our life and inform us about this as soon as possible. With that said dogs, are granted this gift of understanding our emotion or our mood at that time. This was a small incident from today morning(2:00 AM) my dog was sleeping in my parents room and my mom was fast asleep and suddenly my dog started to take out a silent barking noise, my mom woke up and saw it was his damp cold nose that was touching her hand and telling her to wake up and all my mom had to say was ‘please don’t irritate me’ and my dog just rushed and went under the bed this shows dogs can understand the emotion of each thing say, my dog knew that our mother was really tired and that’s why he simply gave her the space she wanted, this was until 5:00 AM the time on which my dog needed to go and do a little morning pee.

And there is this last fact about dogs which is also scientifically proven but i would like to talk about it again, and that is common with big cats, cats and dogs as well, anytime they get hurt all they need to do is lick their wound and as their saliva contains amylase their wound gets cured in a relatively low amount of time. Well, i wonder if this is same with human beings and well after searching my reliable browser google i found out this ability is there in humans as well. So humans and animals both share this feature.(interesting)

MY THEORY (just for fun)

My theory on this case will be dogs really are good healers and i got this info from my dog he was talking to me yesterday and told me

Leo: Hey man, you know dogs are one of the best healers

Me: Oh really, what makes you think so.

and the thing he said next was beyond creativity he seemed to have learnt the ability to crack up a few riddles. he said ‘whats the spelling of dog’ i said its ‘D…O…..G’ he replied, ‘whats the vice-versa’ , i replied ‘G…….O……….D’ he then gave me a long lecture on how dogs are messengers of God, and told me how God is present in everyone.